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Athena @ Shaping Tomorrow

7 December 2022
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World Outlook
Main factors that cause something to happen globally
By 2026, Web3 technologies - such as digital twins, smart spaces, virtual and augmented reality, and advanced virtual assistants-will transform how people interact with the world. Forbes
Transition of the digital ecosystem to metaverse will push data usage by 20 times across the globe by 2032. The Hindu BusinessLine
By the end of 2022 in the world there will be 4-5 million sports fans that will purchase or receive collection digital sports artifacts for NFT-TOCEN. DEEPLA - Agricoltura Ecosostenibile e Green Economy
Global regions, coloured according to number of forecasts
  • 2023 will witness increasing virtual abuse across metaverse ecosystems since there are no proper laws in place to protect virtual entities. Crypto Daily
  • Policing agencies worldwide are now launching innovative metaverse initiatives that will help protect communities and guarantee the rule of law. Forbes
  • 70% indicated a strong interest in the emerging field of quantum computing, while 43% of tech executives surveyed from the UK said that they expected to be investing in virtual and augmented reality technologies within the next one to two years. Tech Monitor
  • While some gaming giants elsewhere have started to explore NFT and web3 projects, in the U.S. gaming execs have taken a much more skeptical approach and have raised concerns that NFTs could be exploitative. The Block
  • The disappointing performance comes as the Meta grapples with slowing global economic growth, competition from TikTok, privacy changes from Apple, concerns about massive metaverse spending and the ever-present threat of regulation. UK NEWS TO DAY
  • Meta Platforms, which is also having trouble limiting costs after spending a lot of money on its metaverse project, could be announcing large-scale job cuts this week. Dazeinfo
  • The AMRC helps manufacturers adopt robotics, sensors, 3D printing and augmented reality in their factories, and the AMRC Data Cloud will unlock new applications, including predictive maintenance, improve forecasting yield, energy consumption and much more. The Engineer
  • RobotEra is an exciting new sandbox-style city-building metaverse that is set to explode in 2023. NEWSBTC
  • Augmented reality will come into greater focus as marketers experiment with virtual worlds and platforms, an area in which Snap has hung its hat. Digiday
  • Metaverse exploitation and customer security threats will rapidly increase in 2023. Crypto Daily
  • Auto and equipment finance organizations need to begin designing their metaverse presence today or they risk having to operate in a world designed by others. Accenture
  • In five years, 40% of enormous associations overall will utilize a blend of Web3, AR cloud, and computerized twins in metaverse projects pointed toward expanding income, examination and warning firm Gartner anticipated Monday at its IT discussion in Orlando, Fla. Newz Hook | Disability News - Changing Attitudes toward

A framework that describes a 4-phase level of maturity to help determine potential and inform innovation strategy.

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By 2026, Web3 technologies - such as digital twins, smart spaces, virtual and augmented reality, and advanced virtual assistants-will transform how people interact with the world. Forbes
Virtual reality and augmented reality are not new concepts but will revolutionize the world within 5 years. admin
  • Washington will likely be the first state to issue overt guidance on the sales tax treatment of NFT's. TechRound
  • Starting in 2029, large parts of the population of the US and subsequently the EU were mobilized, using augmented reality and a temporary suspension of labor regulations to deploy solar panels, microgrids, charging infrastructure, and systems for carbon sequestration. FLI Worldbuilding Contest
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Another important aspect that the Chinese government is particularly wary of is the money-laundering risks arising from NFTs. JD Supra
  • There is a report that says by the year 2030, the metaverse crypto will be worth $13 trillion. TechBii
  • Dubai Metaverse Strategy aims to make Dubai one of the top ten metaverse economies globally by 2030. Gulf Business
  • After the closed beta run, Smilodo will prepare its Smilodo Mall space sale as a second NFT round in 2023. nationthailand
  • There's even rumblings that CVS plans to build its own healthcare metaverse. Intelligent Automation Network
  • NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain are worth more than US$ 14 billion, which is up from US$ 340 million in 2020, and it is estimated to reach US$ 80 billion by 2025. it World Canada
  • The hype in the public space worldwide for metaverses has been growing, so analysts expect the amount of scams in metaverses to increase. Help Net Security
  • Wearables, virtual and augmented reality, 4K televisions, smart homes, 3D printers, autonomous vehicles, drones, and communication robots - are just some of the emerging technologies that hope to find a foothold and secure their role in people's lives now and in the coming years. International Defense Security & Technology
  • Thanks in large part to advancements in smart sensors and virtual and augmented reality, the demand for real-time asset monitoring will boost the overall value to $1,495.65 billion by 2030, at a compound annual growth rate of 22.6% from 2021. International Society of Automation
  • Nvidia spoke to the future of the metaverse, where avatars will become similar to browsers, forming a new level of human / machine interface. TechNewsWorld
Financial Impact
The economic contribution of the global metaverse could be valued at more than $3 trillion by 2031. META
The global metaverse is expected to reach $1.607 trillion in 2030 and register a revenue CAGR of 43.4% during the forecasted period. Forbes
The metaverse sector could reach a $5 trillion valuation by 2030, meaning traders will likely continue gravitating towards Decentraland over the longer term. Business 2 Community
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Between 4 million and 5 million sports fans globally will have purchased or have been gifted an NFT sports collectable by the end of 2022. Australian Financial Review
By the end of 2022, between four and five million sports fans globally will have purchased or been gifted an NFT sports collectable. Tech Monitor
The world's first NFT restaurant is not scheduled to open until 2023, but it's already generating a buzz among the most tech-savvy foodies. Lifestyle Asia Singapore
Changing proportion of published forecasts
The pace and scale of bitcoin, ethereum and NFT adoption has taken some by surprise, with some warning they could now pose a risk to the global financial system as nation-states begin to experiment with digital assets.
Crypto ventures and physical world entities will start to establish multi-language regional and even global corporate headquarters in different metaverses. LinkedIn
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A prototype Augmented Reality Microscope (ARM) platform from Google was regarded as having the potential to speed up and democratize pathologists' adoption of deep learning capabilities globally. Mobility Foresights
Brands will need to find creators who best represent their world vision and integrate them as characters into their metaverse story. VentureBeat
Technological innovations across virtual reality, metaverse, quantum, and circular economy could contribute trillions of dollars of new value to the global economy. Capgemini Worldwide
Key topics
Investigate what’s transforming or collapsing
A metaversity is a higher education institution recreated as a digital twin utilizing virtual reality in the metaverse (or at least the early iteration of what will ultimately become a full, global metaverse). eCampus News
Beyond headsets, we can expect to see new developments in full-body haptic suits, which are already used by organizations like NASA and SpaceX for simulating extreme environments but will also be used to create consumer metaverse experiences that are even more realistic and immersive. Forbes
The metaverse landscape in its current form is suseptible to all manner of threats, from social engineering scams and violent extremism to rampant misinformation. VRScout
What's Next
Changing proportion of material mentioning future years
Looking at the size of the digital economy that is powered by non-fungible tokens now, one thing is pretty obvious that in the coming years NFTs might completely change the way the world interacts on the internet. Interesting Engineering
The global augmented reality industry will achieve breakthroughs in next 3-5 years. EqualOcean
Can NFT Sales Keep Growing? NFT News Today
Now that we know what skills will be in demand in the future metaverse, where can we learn them? Curatti
Can one leverage the future metaverse and digital panopticon (while addressing privacy and surveillance abuses) to secure greater market security, assurance and immutable digital and product identities and to surface bad actors, pinpoint illicit vectors, and disrupt cross-border criminal threats? Transport Times
How might the metaverse impact brand marketing in future? Econsultancy
How big of an impact is the metaverse expected to have on the banking and fintech industry? Economic Times
How will NFTs be used in the world of work and, more importantly for us, in education? NEO
Will we be able to influence the digital overlords, gaming titans, and Web 3.0 innovators who are racing to build metaverses, so we get the ethics right? CNN
Who will Gain Through Metaverse App Development? DataDrivenInvestor
Who Uses Augmented Reality? Vxchnge
What in the world is augmented reality? TechRadar
What are the primary growth opportunities in the NFTs for ecosystem stakeholders? Fintech News
What are the biggest emerging threats associated with Web 3.0, 5G, IoT, and metaverse? FE Tech Bytes
Will 2022 be the year when augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality become widespread? zmzme
What lessons can the metaverse creators take from today's online world when designing their identity and authentication systems, and what will some of the unique challenges be? VentureBeat
How will Meta, and other companies willing to take on the metaverse challenge, ensure companies and consumers their data is going to be kept secure when data breaches already frequent headlines? ECS Group
Will clients be able to sell their NFTs on a secondary marketplace or hold them in a digital vault? OMFIF
What will be the key role of Fintech in banking in AI and Metaverse? Enderun Conferences - INDX 2022
Or will we see a fragmented landscape of multiple metaverse bubbles, interlinked through integrations and connectors? SogetiLabs
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